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We’re working on Sparrow 1.1.1 right now and fixing the problem you have been experiencing in Sparrow 1.1.

We wanted to keep you informed on our progress and provide you with some temporary remedy (when available):

  • Blank messages in Mobile Me 
  • Crash at start up on 1.1: you can follow this steps to fix the problem
  • Spell check misbehaving
  • Authentification issue: Sparrow forces you to use a secure connection when it should not
  • Japanese encoding
  • Text Expander support

Sparrow 1.1.1 will include the following features:

  • Folder mapping: allowing to correctly map your folders on your custom IMAP servers
  • Custom SMTP alias

We’re doing as fast as we can to fix this issues and make sure you have the most wonderful mailing experience with Sparrow.

Don’t forget to consult our FAQ and our knowledge base if you have any questions. 

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