Sparrow Beta 3 is out! Check for update!

Update in this new release :

  • Improved sync behavior
  • Improved performance CPU/Memory
  • Fixed ‘sending mail’ issue
  • Spellcheck integration
  • Sound option
  • Properly display recipient when going in sent mailbox
  • Fix Growl notifications issue at first installation
  • Attachments are now saved in the default Download folder
  • Hide dock icon option in preferences
  • Fixed issue concerning typos in mail addresses and saving system


  • Scroll up: Shift-Space 
  • Select previous/next account: Shift-Cmd-Down/up arrow
  • Navigate between Inbox, Outbox, Favorite, Trash: Cmd-1,2,3,4 
  • Mark as read/unread: Shift-Cmd-U
  • Shift-Tab in the compose window works
  • Shift-Cmd-R is now Reply All
  • Alt-Cmd-R is now refresh


  • New conversation list background color
  • New conversation list UI
  • Animation of reply/option button in message have been removed

Download it on or from Sparrow, use the menu Sparrow > Check for update.

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