Sparrow roundup

'Sparrow 'aims for simplicity in a way that is rather inspired'- TUAW

'Sparrow is an awesome first step towards a true native Gmail client for Mac' -TechCrunch

'We recommend giving Sparrow a try' - Ars Technica

'Sparrow for Mac Simplifies Gmail for the Better' - Mashable

'Worth a look now, and worth keeping an eye on.' - DaringFireball

'Sparrow is a Refreshing Rethink of Mail' - techēse

'Sparrow encourages getting things done in a way that I like, simplicity and efficience' -Macgasm

'I can’t help but like Sparrow' - MacStories

'Sparrow is very simple, but it does most of the things you would need' - Smoking Apples

'Sparrow, le client léger email à suivre' - WeloveMac

'Sparrow : le Tweetie des clients mails' - Mac Generation

'I like the idea of Sparrow' - CultofMac

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