The road ahead

The available version on the site already integrates the following changes:

  • Signature above the reply history
  • Cmd + Alt + R = Reply all
  • Killed Preferences window animation
  • Cmd + A de-activated in message list
  • Crash fix

Next, here is our to do list for the next builds based on your feedback (thanks!):

  • Preferences: option to hide dock icon, hide status bar icon, to display Cc and Bcc field by default in the composer.
  • Shortcuts: Esc to close a window, page-up (shift + space), Go to sent, go to trash, go to inbox and go to Favorite, select previous/next account.
  • Major bugs: draft management, Gtalk bug: chat gets counted as unread message, refresh issues, undisclosed inbox mails. 
  • Features: unified inbox, report as spam, alias support, archive section, MobileMe support, Yahoo support, Labels for Gmail, general performance and UI.

There are obviously a lot more issues to fix but we’re just trying to keep you up to date on what we will focus on for the weeks to come.

The feedback and support we’re having on Sparrow is fantastic. Tons of great ideas and precise bug reports. We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to help us improve the app.

Shortcuts and Preferences should be quickly released.  

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